Map Wallpaper

Our mapping wallpaper creates a fantastic statement in any room, some examples of map wallpaper use are

  • London map wallpaper in hotel lobby areas helping visitors find their way or locate the local tourist attractions
  • Historical mapping wallpaper in a dining room to create a beautiful feature wall
  • Street map wallpaper in offices – perfect for estate agents locating property for sale or helping plan delivery routes for fast food companies
  • Our map wallpaper will transform your office or living space – an otherwise dull wall in the Attic can be brightened up with our map wallpaper. Or why not create an interesting feature wall in your Zzzzz room with our mapping wallpaper - available for numerous towns and cities in the UK and in various colour options to compliment your existing decor. Our street map wallpaper is not only popular for its obvious locational use, but also for creating a vibrant arty map wall.

    We look forward to discussing your mapping wallpaper requirements, so please contact us on 01732 783413 during office hours or e-mail:

    COMING SOON – mapping wallpaper for Great Britain and other on trend wallpaper designs!

    Street Mapping Wallpaper
    A-Z Street Map Wallpaper

    Do you want a feature wallpaper that you won't get bored of and will provide an interesting talking point? Look no further! Our iconic street mapping wallpaper with its vibrant colours and great detail will transform any blank wall in your home or office.


    Visitors Map Wallpaper
    A-Z Visitors' Map Wallpaper

    Our visitors' wallpaper can be used to create a feature wall that is not only beautiful but informative. This mapping has been simplified by removing smaller streets to highlight places of interest, recommended sightseeing and things to do more clearly.


    Historical Wallpaper
    A-Z Historical Map Wallpaper

    Want that classic look? This historical wallpaper is a reproduction of our 1938 A-Z map of London. You'll spend hours looking at the interesting details on the map such as tram and trolleybus routes, seeing how London has changed.


    Technical details

    These map images are printed on a high quality pre-pasted satin wallpaper material from Colourbyte. The wallpaper is designed for indoor use and is PVC free and FSC certified. If you'd like to see the full technical details of this paper, please see their PDF data sheet.