Please use the details below to get support for the product you need. Please note that A-Z only supply map data for use in apps or hardware products, so you'll need to contact the app developer for help with a specific app.

Where possible, we've shown the icon you'll see on each device so you can recognise the product you've purchased.

iPhone/iPad and Android apps from Visual IT

Support for the iPhone/iPad versions of these apps is provided by:

Visual IT Ltd

Support for the Android version of these apps is provided by:

MonkeySource Ltd.

iPhone/Android apps and Cabbies Mate SatNav from Knowledge Master

Support for these apps or the Cabbies Mate SatNav device is provided to all registered users by:

Knowledge Master
Tel. 07860 404 522
lines open 10am to 8pm

You can download the latest user manuals, see product updates and any available upgrades via the web link above.

Windows Phone apps from mPlus

Support for these apps is provided by:

mPlus Ltd

Memory-Map iOS / Android apps and Windows CD-ROMs

Support for these apps and CD-ROMs is provided by:

Tel. 0844 811 0955
lines open 10am to 4pm

Satmap Active 10 / Active 12 GPS hardware or Satmap A-Z map cards

Support for these devices and map cards is provided by Satmap. Please check their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page before contacting them for support.

Satmap Systems Ltd.
Tel. 0845 873 0101

You can download the following as a PDF; Adobe Reader may be required.

Active 10 GPS

Active 12 GPS

Previous A-Z branded Windows CD-ROMs (1995 to 2002)

These A-Z branded CD-ROMs have long been discontinued and we are no longer able to offer support on any of these products