Memory Map CD-ROM

This Memory-Map series run on a Windows PC, Pocket PC or compatible mobile phone. Quickly pan and zoom through four levels of detailed street and Great Britain road mapping.

Find places

  • Fully searchable index to map features such as: Streets, Stations, Hospitals, Places of Interest and Postcodes (not all CD-ROMs have all indexes, check individual titles before purchasing).

Plan routes

  • Click on the map to add routes and waypoints or draw a track freehand using the AutoTrack™ tool. See leg distance, compass bearing and total journey length.
  • Check the overall ascent and descent of your route with an interactive hill profile.
  • Save waypoints, routes and tracks for future use, send them via email, or even put them on your web page – great for planning a group trip!
  • Visualise your routes and tracks in continuous 3D landscape. Change the lighting to envision the hills during different times of the day or create Fly-through movies of your routes and tracks and save them for future use.
  • Create a digital journal by adding pictures, text, sound or other program files to any point on the map.

Print maps

  • Print maps at the scale of your choice.
  • Automatic paging when printing maps containing longer routes and tracks.
  • Add detailed text to your maps – useful for creating route finding notes, recording details of hazards or highlighting areas of interest.
  • Print your own fully detailed route card with waypoints, compass bearings, distances and grid coordinates and add personal notes, photos and hill profiles.
  • Print maps showing 3D terrain on an accurate 2D scale map. Just a glance at the map shows all the hills and valleys, making it easy to interpret contour lines.

Use on a Windows Mobile phone or iPhone

  • Complete software application with route creation, searchable index and very fast map display.

  • Download the whole or part of an atlas to your mobile phone. Easily zoom and pan quickly across the map or search the index.

  • An ideal accessory when you're away from home.

GPS Compatibility

Memory-Map is compatible with Garmin, Magellan, Silva, Suunto GPS receivers connected to Windows based devices, or built-in GPS receivers on mobile phones. When a GPS receiver is connected, the following features are available:

  • Real time positioning. The map scrolls and records a track as you move. Use the tracklog to see where you’ve been.

  • Save time and reduce errors by transferring the waypoints and routes from your PC or Pocket PC directly to your GPS.

  • Display a pointer arrow showing the direction, bearing and distance to the next waypoint.

  • Project your current course and speed for a given time to see where you’ll be.

  • Create a warning zone and an alarm is activated should you enter (or leave) the zone.

For more details on the individual titles, please see the links below.