A-Z Great Britain Road Atlases

2020 Edition A-Z Road Atlases

Our latest 2020 edition A-Z Road Atlases are now available. They show safety cameras with their maximum speed limit, selected truckstops across England and Scotland and fuel station locations. The selected places of interest listed separately now includes their full postcode for satnav use.


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SatNav Friendly Fuel Stations

Safety Cameras Journey Planner

Main Road maps City and Town centre maps

* Not included with Great Britain Handy Road Atlas


Accurate Safety Camera Information

  • Safety camera & fuel station locations supplied by www.PocketGPSWorld.com Copyright 2019 © PocketGPSWorld.com
  • More than 4000 fixed and long term road works camera locations are shown, including Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS and Monitron camera types.
  • Camera locations are shown only on the Road Mapping pages.
  • Camera locations are shown as accurately as the limitation of the mapping scale allows.
  • Multiple cameras in close proximity are represented by one multiple camera symbol.
  • Cameras on roads that do not fall within the map specification are not shown.
  • Symbols do not indicate camera direction.
  • Data accurate at times of printing.
  • By showing this safety camera information it is the intention of Geographers' A-Z Map Company Ltd., to encourage safe driving and greater awareness of speed limits and vehicle speed.