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Which map scale is best for me?

To gain the most from the great outdoors, make sure you get the right map for your activity.

Select from one of the activities below for details of which map is best suited for you and what maps are available.

1:14k (1:14000) - City Walking / Sightseeing

1:14k scale A-Z Street Map

AZ 1:140001:14,000 scale A-Z Street Map. These maps are designed for pedestrians and cyclists who need much great accuracy when navigating the labyrinth of city streets. These maps allow for greater accuracy and visibility through the city streets, and are ideally suited for pedestrians or cyclists alike.

An explanation of the map symbols on 1:14k maps.

1:25k (1:25000) - Walking / Hiking / Climbing / Mountain Biking

1:25k scale Explorer Map

OS 1:250001:25,000 scale map. Especially when hiking or mountain biking, it is important to know the terrain you are entering, a 1:25,000 scale allows you to plan your route as safely and accurately as possible. These maps are ideal for use by people needing great detail on their maps as they show contours at 5m intervals, field boundaries, good path detail within wooded areas, and detail on building layouts - all of which can make a difference for precision navigation. Typical users might be hikers, mountain bikers and climbers who need this very specific information.

An explanation of the map symbols on 1:25k maps.

1:50k (1:50000) - Family Cycle Riding / Horse Riding / Walking

1:50k scale Landranger Map

OS 1:500001:50,000 scale map would be sufficiently detailed for a family bike ride as it shows all the roads, country lanes and byways that are ideal for family days out. These maps are designed for people who do not need such specific detail, and who are comfortable with contours at 10m intervals, and do not need to see field boundaries or specific detail on building layouts. Typical users might be cyclists, horse riders, or those simply planning a general path.

An explanation of the map symbols on 1:50k maps.

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