Maps for schools

We can now offer a range of products designed specifically for use in schools and other educational establishments to help teachers and children learn about their location, improve their geography skills and appreciate the world around them. These new maps and resources are aimed at key stages 1-3 and have been created with the recent changes to the National Curriculum in mind.

A-Z Local map

Local location mapPut your school in the middle of this Laminated A1 size wall map and let the children have fun learning about their local area. This A-Z local map can be wall mounted for illustration purposes or for a more hands on experience can be used at a desk or on the floor. A huge advantage to this map being laminated is that it can be written on, cleaned off and used again. A numbered grid is also included to aid navigation and can be used to help identify various features.

Local location map zoomThe A-Z Local Map is a laminated A1 map and covers 4.5km x 6.5km centred on your school. Also included is 100 A4 black and white central extracts for use during lessons. We also provide a blank index sheet and a grid references activity sheet making this the ideal resource for a whole topic.

Local location map zoomLocal location map zoom

Price from: £100.00
Digital Download (30 terminals): Price on application

A-Z Map of…

A-Z Map of...

The A-Z Map of… is an encapsulated sheet map 915 x 1210mm in size which covers the whole of the UK at a scale of 13.3 miles to 1 inch. But unlike all other maps all place names have been removed and instead replaced with large blank text boxes where place names can be written on. This helps to teach children where in the country they live and also where they are in relation to other towns and cities in the UK. A list of Countries, capital cities, major towns and other cities is included to make things a little easier.

The map is wipe clean meaning it can be re-used and teachers notes are included showing all the correct locations.

Price from £25.00

Relief Map of Great Britain

GB Relief map

If you’re learning about mountainous areas of the UK then this is the map you need. The laminated Relief map of Great Britain is a 915 x 1210mm topographic relief map. It covers the whole of the UK at a scale of 13.3 miles to 1 inch and clearly shows the largest hills and valleys of the country’s most mountainous regions. Shading is used instead of contour lines to create the illusion of height and depth creating a clear representation of terrain. All regions are named which includes many of the countries national parks. Capital cities which are also included to give a better understanding of location.

Price from £25.00

Ultimate mapping pack – Where are we…

Local location mapThe Ultimate Mapping Pack has been developed for teachers and schools with the recent changes to the national curriculum in mind and to help teach children about local and global geography, from where we are in the solar system right down to what’s at the end of our street.

Local location mapLocal location mapLocal location map

This pack includes:

  • Solar System image (Laminated wall map & digital file)
  • World map (Continents) (Laminated wall map & digital file)
  • World map (Nations) (Laminated wall map & digital file)
  • A-Z Map of… (Laminated wall map)
  • Local street map with ‘Your school’ centred + 100 A4 black & white copies (Laminated wall map)
  • Blank index page to complete with names & numbers from the map (work sheet)
  • Grid references activity sheet. Encourages children to find physical items on the map and be able to describe their locations. (work sheet)
  • Lesson plan with instructions for 6 sessions which includes learning intentions, whole class activities and teachers notes.

Price £150.00

A-Z Street Map Wallpaper

(available soon)

A-Z Street WallpaperOur A-Z Map wallpaper can be used to create a fantastic feature wall that is not only eye catching but also informative. Perfect for an entrance hall, corridor or classroom, our wall coverings can be centred on your own school or college and will successfully create a whole area of learning.

The pre-pasted 220gsm wallpaper, supplied in 6 rolls only requires being immersed in water to activate the paste. Full wallpaper coverage is 3.6m width x 2.5m height

Price £300.00 (£250.00 + VAT)

Your school MapMat

A-Z MapMatPut your school directly under your feet with our new local area play mat. Tell us the name and postcode of your school or college and we’ll centre the Mapmat on it, meaning the pupils can retrace their journeys to school.The map scale has also been enlarged to make the mapping even clearer.

Ideal for reading corners, entrance halls or everyday classroom use. These 2m x 1.5m mats are printed on Tranprint500 anti-slip polyester carpet making them safe to use anywhere.

Price £200 (£166.66 + VAT)

The Planets

A-Z Earth MapThe planets of the solar system are clearly displayed in this reference chart which measures 87cm x 29cm. Information about mass, size and distance from the sun is included making this a great tool to show how different each planet is compared to Earth and how far away they are.

Price from £20.00

Earth Wall Map

A-Z Earth MapThe Earth wall map measures 79cm x 68cm. This stunning laminated wall map includes two separate views of the earth along with lots of interesting facts about our planet making this the perfect tool for any classroom.

Price from £20.00

Europe at night poster

Europe at NightThis 87cm x 98cm laminated wall map reveals in stunning detail the lights of Europe at night. Clearly identify concentrations of population and other notable features like the oil and gasinfrastructure of the North Sea and North Africa. More subtle details like the icecaps of Iceland are detectable from this high quality satellite mosaic. What more can you find?

Other interesting facts about the continent are included making this the perfect Europe resource.

Price from £20.00

Great Britain A-Z Road Map

Great Britain Road MapPerfect for learning where places are and how they are connected. This A-Z map of Great Britain is a full colour, single sided and laminated road map. It features motorways, primary routes, ‘A’ roads and a wide selection of other routes. We have also included hill shading, ferry routes and a mileage chart.

The index shows a list of:

  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Hamlets

With a scale of 13.26 miles to 1 inch, this map combines the simplicity of a route planning map with a good level of detail.

Price from £5.95

Great Britain Counties & Unitary Authorities Map

Great Britain Counties & Unitary Authorities MapThis recently updated A-Z Map of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a full colour, single sided, fold-out map designed to clearly and concisely show how the country is divided into several different counties and unitary authorities.

Each county and unitary authority is distinctly coloured and named according to the local government boundary reorganisation, which includes the latest changes from December 2016. Whilst there is no road detail on the map, it does include hill shading and an index to towns and villages shown on the map.

Price from £4.95