London Green Badge

Drivers with an All London licence can work anywhere in the Greater London area. If you want to work in central London or at Heathrow Airport, you will need an All London licence.

Premier London enlarged special edition

London Knowledge Map
The area needed to be learnt by 'The Knowledge' is covered by the A-Z London Knowledge map. Available in many formats such as folded, flat, laminated and mounted, there is now an enlarged version specifically aimed at would-be cabbies, known as Knowledge boys (or girls).

At approximately 5 inches to 1 mile, this enlarged version is almost twice the scale of the standard publication and is 2000mm x 1570mm (78 ¾ inches x 68 ¾ inches) in size.

This special edition is supplied in 2 laminated pieces allowing routes to be marked on the map with a non-permanent dry marker then wiped clean. Paper only and mounted versions are also available.

See full details and an overview of the area covered or buy one of these specially enlarged London Knowledge Maps in our Product Catalogue.