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Victoria & Albert Museum

One of the world's most extensive collections of fine and applied art: within these many galleries, halls and courts are masterpieces of craftsmanship design and imagination from all parts of the world and periods of time.

Many galleries now benefit from world class modern presentation including the British Galleries, Medieval and Renaissance Galleries, Ceramics, Jewellery, Sculpture and Theatre Galleries.

Collections are arranged into two groups (a) Primary Collections' of style, period or nationality. (b) Departmental Collections where exhibits are grouped under type: sculpture, textiles, pottery, woodwork, glass, costume, timepieces, arms, armour, metalwork, photography and so on.

Two of the most impressive set-pieces are the Architectural Galleries with whole house fronts on display; and the Victorian Cast Court including a two part cast of Trajan's Column (erected in Rome AD113). Special exhibitions of specific interest occur throughout the year.

The Museum grew out of the Museum of Manufactures opened in 1852 under the inspiration of Prince Albert, which later became the South Kensington Museum and from 1909, the V & A (when the scientific exhibits were moved to their own premises see Science Museum). The V & A buildings, designed by Aston Webb, incorporate the National Art Library.

Free, but admission charged for special exhibitions.

See Also: Natural History Museum (London), Science Museum

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