Custom Map Options

A-Z produces high quality custom maps in a variety of map styles, colours and scales. Artwork, logos and boundary information can be added to tailor a map to your specific needs. Below are examples of the most common styles and effects that we produce, but if your specific requirement is not shown then please contact our custom map team.

Headings and Borders

Wall map headings and borders

Standard Heading
These row and column headings use the same system as A-Z published maps – columns are lettered from left to right and rows numbered from top to bottom. The letters I and O are omitted to avoid confusion with 1 and 0. The top left square is normally A1, but it can have a reference of your choice, in case you wish to match another publication.

A blue grid and national grid references are included as standard.

Custom Heading
Many customers use their own system of map-referencing, perhaps to work with particular software or to match another publication. Below are a few examples that have been requested.

  • Grid lines labelled using 2 digits from the National Grid
  • Rows and columns labelled with even numbers beginning in the top left
  • Rows and columns labelled with letters beginning in the bottom left

If you have a specific map referencing system you wish to use, please contact us to discuss it.

Wall map colour options


For a striking and instantly recognisable custom map, choose our iconic A-Z colour scheme or choose a faded or greyscale version if you wish to overlay additional information.

Duotone maps can be created using your corporate colours to deliver a truly individual product.

Additional Artwork

Radius Rings

Customise your map with the addition of one or more circles, using the centre, radius and colour of your choice. Add concentric circles for at-a-glance calculation of delivery charges, or circles at different locations to show catchment areas or exclusion zones.

Wall map sample with radius ringsWall Map Radius Sample 1Wall Map Radius Sample 2

Location Markers and Logos
Add your logo to the map to indicate the location of your premises or choose from a variety of symbols to highlight customers, branch locations or other points of interest.

Location Sample 1Location Sample 2 Wall map sample with location marker

Depending on the scale of your custom map choose between postcode, local authority or county boundaries. Alternatively add your own boundaries to show sales territories, delivery zones or catchment areas.

Wall map sample with borough boundaries Wall map sample with postcode boundaries