GB 2015 Road Atlas2

Holiday with the brand new 2015 GB Road Atlas!

 Find your way this summer with the brand new 2015 GB Road Atlas!

It’s coming up to that time of year again where holidays are on people’s minds – however with the whisper of good weather coming our way to give us what could be one of the nicest summers in years, is it any wonder more and more people these days are considering ‘staycations’ to be their favoured option?

‘Staycations’ are defined as a holiday spent in your own country, so what could be handier to help you decide where to go than our brand new 2015 GB Road Atlas!

GB 2015 Road Atlas

GB 2015 Road Atlas

It’s a full colour paperback road atlas, approximately A3 in size, containing 77 pages of detailed road mapping, complimented by a mileage chart with average journey times, information on junctions with limited interchange, 11 pages of main route mapping, Channel Tunnel maps, 70 city and town centre plans and 16 port and airport plans.

Which is good for grown-ups but probably won’t be keeping the children entertained for long, so why not invest in some in car entertainment in the form of I-Spy books? There are 50 titles in the collection, including most popularly I Spy At The Seaside, I Spy Cars, I Spy In the Countryside, I Spy Nature and yes, there’s even I Spy On a Road Trip – couldn’t be more perfect really could it! Plus, for £2.50, it’s a worthy investment in an attempt to reduce the ‘are we there yet’ conversations that we all love!

I Spy books

I Spy books

Once you reach your destination, make the most of the great outdoors and the fresh air – if you’re interested in walking, make sure you pack one of our Adventure Atlases in your bag with your picnic and you’re all set for a fabulous day, new titles just released are Ben Nevis & Glencoe and The New Forest – why not try one of those for your staycation destination?

Whilst you’re at it, if you’re going walking never forget the golden rule – invest in decent walking boots! These Regatta Ladies Waterproof walking boots from are absolutely fantastic – comfortable, durable and lightweight, they are absolutely watertight even when completely submerged, and it’s a real rarity to find a product that can do that these days let me assure you! Have a look and see for yourself – they certainly have my full recommendation.

Walking Boots

Walking Boots from


 Whatever you do and wherever you go this summer, let A-Z show you the way. Happy holidays everyone!

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