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  1. I have recently found two black hard covered fold out maps (both produced under the direction of Alexander Gross FRGS) one of SW England and the other of SE England with their small orange covered indexes inside. I assume these belonged to my Father as we lived in both the south east and the south west in the 1950s and 60s. He travelled widely in both regions for his work. I would be interested to know if they have any value! I was fascinated to read of the company’s history above.
    We recently moved back to Cornwall from Staffordshire and found the maps when clearing out. My husband is a Devonian by birth and we both have an interest in maps.

    Any information would be of interest. The maps are in good order.

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      Hi, thanks for your question.

      Without more information it’s difficult to date and identify exactly which maps you have. Having said that, we looked in our records and have listed some old editions of the most likely titles you have there (however we don’t have a note of any with black covers):

      1/4″ ROAD MAPS – S.W. ENGLAND

      01/03/1957 Ed.1 Price: 7/6
      Notes: Cloth, red cover

      01/01/1963 Ed.2? Price: 4/6
      Notes: Paper, green & white cover

      01/01/1964 Ed.3? Price: 4/6
      Notes: Paper, red, white & blue cover

      01/01/1967 Ed.4? Price: 5/-
      Notes: Red, white & blue cover

      1/4″ ROAD MAPS – S.E. ENGLAND

      01/03/1957 Ed.1 Price: 4/-
      Notes: Paper, blue cover

      01/01/1964 Ed.3? Price: 4/6
      Notes: Red, white & blue cover

      01/08/1970 Ed.5? Price: 6/-
      Notes: Price also 30p

      We do have our own archive which contains most of our historical titles here but can’t advise on the value of a particular title. There may be map collectors who would be interested in these?

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