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Discover our new range of pre-pasted wallpaper

A-Z Digital Map Data

A-Z can provide high quality base mapping digitally as raster images. With the familiar look of our printed maps and atlases, it is ideal for use with GIS applications such as MapInfo®, and Esri® products. Software developers can also integrate A-Z raster data into their own applications.

About the data

Data is supplied in the form of tiles based on the Ordnance Survey National Grid system and are geo-referenced to the Ordnance Survey 6-figure grid co-ordinates. They can be supplied with MapInfo® .Tab files or with tiff world files (tfw). This allows you to load them into your existing GIS package and overlay your own data.

Tiles can be supplied in colour, greyscale, or black/white as TIFF (508dpi), JPEG or BMP files.

What areas are available?

All of our existing paper products are available digitally. For details of these, please see the Product Catalogue. Due to the wide range of areas and styles it is not possible for us to list them all here, but as a guide we offer the following styles of data:

Street mapping at 1:7,040 is our most detailed data and is produced for selected city centres. It includes all the features of our 1:19,000 mapping but with even more clarity. The exact area covered varies according to the chosen city, so please do contact us for details.
Our street mapping features:
  • A and B roads
  • motorways
  • dual carriageways
  • streets
  • pedestrian and restricted roads, including local amenities.
The data is based on a tile system of 5 km squares and you can download a sample tile which includes (TIFF, TAB, TFW and index data)
Our main road mapping features ultra clear main road systems complete with their street names and in-depth ancillary reference information showing:
  • A and B roads
  • motorways
  • major streets
The mapping fits between the extensive detail of a street map and the clarity of a road map. Current areas available include London, Kent and Essex.
Our Great Britain road mapping has superb clarity achieved by careful use of colour, typefaces and road widths, even down to the finest detail at motorway junctions. This super clear road mapping shows:
  • flyovers
  • underpasses
  • slip roads and selected roundabouts
  • places of interest
  • tolls
  • airports, ferries and railways
  • sports facilities and much more.
Road mapping at 1:600,000 shows main roads, primary routes and motorways without unnecessary detail. The main conurbation areas and contour heights above 400ft are coloured to complete the scheme.

Which scale do I need to choose?

As a guide, if individual street names need to be accurately positioned and read, then A-Z digital data of 1:63,360 or larger should be selected, see Main Road or Street mapping. However, if larger areas of mapping are to be displayed, for example county wide coverage, then a scale of 1:200,000 or 1:600,000 is usually required.

Choosing the correct scale is critical as too much map detail can be unnecessary and slow down software processing time. Our sales team will be happy to advise which scale best suits requirements.

A-Z digital index data

The index from our paper publications are available in an ASCii text file format. This data can also be supplied to accompany a map area and depending on scale will list features shown on the map such as:

  • Streets
  • Districts
  • Place and area names
  • Hospitals, hospices
  • Selected places of interest


Prices for licencing A-Z digital data are based on the following:

  • area required
  • map scale
  • number of terminals
  • nature of use

A-Z digital data is based upon Ordnance Survey mapping which is subject to Crown Copyright. Where appropriate an Ordnance Survey fee will be included in our quotations.

Please contact us for a quote specific to the area required and for your particular use.