Discover our new range of pre-pasted wallpaper
A-Z Wallpaper
Discover our new range of pre-pasted wallpaper

Product Information

Additional information on some of our products can be found here.

iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad maps
Currently only our famous London A-Z map is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

A-Z Adventure Atlases
A-Z Adventure Atlases, have the accuracy and quality of OS Explorer mapping and are indexed within a single book, making them the perfect companion for walkers, off-road cyclists, horse riders and anyone wishing to explore this beautiful landscape.

Satmap Active 12
The ultimate in outdoor GPS devices, offering a long battery life in a weatherproof and shockproof casing. It has some of the most advanced navigation technology available.

Memory-Map Products
Memory-Map can now offer not only their awarding winning software on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM but also a rugged, weatherproof GPS unit for outdoor use.

A-Z Digital Mapping
High quality base mapping available digitally as raster images. With the familiar look of our printed maps and atlases, it is ideal for use with GIS applications.

Custom Wall Maps
A-Z maps can be customised to meet specific requirements. Choose any area from our street or road map data and we can print a bespoke map and even enlarge the scale of the map to your requirements.

GB Road Atlases with Safety Cameras, Fuel Stations and Truckstops
Many A-Z Road Atlases now show safety cameras with their maximum speed limits as well as Fuel Stations and Truckstops as shown in the Highways Agency Truckstop Guide.