From Bedsitter to Household Name

From Bedsitter to Household Name

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From Bedsitter to Household Name

173 x 250 mm (6.8 x 9.8 inches)
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Written in 1990 by Phyllis Pearsall, the founder of Geographers' A-Z Map Company, this publication reflects the history of the Company's formative years as it developed from 'bedsitter to household name.'

It was over 60 years ago that Phyllis Pearsall embarked upon her ambition to produce an up-to-date street atlas of London. For Phyllis Pearsall, the project was to be a temporary deviation from her love of painting and writing and she admits in the foreword to the book that 'never would I have been a map publisher if had not my father been one'.

It was with enthusiasm and commitment that Phyllis began her task, surmounting and bypassing seemingly endless unforeseen problems and complexities in pursuit of her objective. It is the story of how one determined woman challenged existing ideals by imposing her new London publication on a cartographic industry that was resistant to change.

The lack of enthusiasm for this atlas in 1936 was the final chapter in what had been a difficult task; the atlas had been printed on the wrong presses, the index was a disaster and the deliveries were made on borrowed handbarrows. Despite everything, Phyllis Pearsall was not deterred from her desire to create maps and today not only is the A-Z of London a market leader, but the very letters A-Z are synonymous with the world of maps and the ever increasing product range available from the A-Z Map Company.