Waterways Guide 3 Birmingham & the Heart of England

Waterways Guide 3 Birmingham & the Heart of EnglandView Area Covered

Waterways Guide 3 Birmingham & the Heart of England

148 x 210 x 5 mm (5.8 x 8.3 x 0.2 inches)
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Popular guide covering the canals and waterways around Birmingham and central England. Colour Ordnance Survey(R) maps clearly show locks, towpaths and boating facilities. There are also comprehensive navigational notes as well as descriptions of the towns and villages, pubs and restaurants alongside the waterways.

In print for over 30 years, the Collins/Nicholson guides to the waterways have always been a vital part of journeys along Britain's canals and rivers. They are designed for anyone and everyone with an interest in Britain's inland waterways - from experienced boaters to those planning their first boat trip, as well as walkers, cyclists and visitors.

The Ordnance Survey (R) Maps have added information showing:

  • Locks, bridges, tunnels, aqueducts, winding holes and towpaths.
  • Waterpoints, sanitary stations, pump out facilities and refuse disposal.
  • Boatyards, pubs, restaurants and local shops.
  • Mile markers and milestones (distance in miles and number of locks to strategic points along the waterways).

Text includes:

  • The history and background to each canal.
  • Local services and places of interest, pubs and restaurants and NEW for this edition: postcodes added for each place.
  • Opportunities for walking and cycling.
  • NEW for this edition: notes on wildlife to be found along the waterways.

Comprehensive navigational notes include:

  • Maximum dimensions and low bridges.
  • Mileages, advice and potential hazards.
  • Navigation authorities and contact details.

Waterways covered in this guide - Ashby Canal, Birmingham Canal Navigations (Main Line), Birmingham & Faxeley Canal, Coventry Canal, Erewash Canal, Grand Union Canal (Main Line, Leicester Section and the River Soar), Oxford Canal (North section), Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal (North section), Stratford-on-Avon Canal (North section), Worcester and Birmingham Canal (North section), Trent & Mersey Canal.

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