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Windows Phone maps

A-Z Maps for Windows Phone

Get the world famous A-Z maps of London on your Windows Phone.

  • Instant maps – install once onto your phone rather than downloading each time
  • No network data charges.
  • Works with GPS – show your location and direction of travel.
  • Full pinch support (both zoom and rotation).
  • Store favourite places for instant retrieval.
  • Measure distance and straight line direction to a chosen location.

Please note that these maps are not a satellite navigation system and do not provide turn-by-turn instructions.

What our users think

"Best map app you can get."

"Great map.... Some very nice features well worth the money !"

"An excellent app by the undisputed king of London street maps. They are to street maps, what Hoovers are to vacuum cleaners. It's what the generic products are known as!"

"Magnificent! The map I've been using all my life, now in crystal clear form on my phone. Being able to rotate the map to any angle is a total winner. I've now retired my battered and beloved paper A-Z as a result."

"Outrageous for deliveries get it!!!"

"Quickly became my favourite maps app - I use it more than Google Maps and Bing Maps. Works fine with Nokia Lumia 800 (HTC Trophy did not get on so well)."

Reviews taken from Windows Phone Store - A-Z London ver. 2.0 - September 2014

London Visitors' map

  • Free map
  • Designed for visitor use in Central London
  • Full Postcode search (over 31,000 entries)
  • Search for over 1,700 streets
  • Index also includes selected:
    • Places of Interest
    • Cinemas
    • Theatres
    • Hotels
    • Shops
    • Stations
  • Main roads and tourist information shown

This A-Z London Visitors’ Map is ideal for tourists wishing to explore the many attractions central London has to offer.

If you find it useful but need a more detailed map, please see our Greater London street map instead.

Greater London street map

  • Only £4.99
  • Comprehensive map of Greater London
  • Full Postcode search (over 240,000 entries)
  • Search for over 100,000 streets
  • Index also includes:
    • Places of Interest
    • Hospitals
    • Stations
    • Districts
  • Congestion charge boundary
  • Low emission zone boundary
  • Familiar A-Z street mapping as found in our Master Atlas

This highly detailed, clear map is perfect for anyone living or working in London.

Try the free London Visitors' map before you buy to experience the speed and ease of use.

Fast map search

Search for streets or postcodes and get results in typically less than a second

London Visitors' map

Greater London street map

Two map layers

Zoom out to see a road map showing just the main roads.

London Visitors' map - main road layer

Greater London street map - main road layer

Coverage comparison

See image below for area covered by each map. The Visitors London coverage is shown by red shading.

Click to enlarge

Where to buy

London Visitors' Map

This application is available from the Windows Phone Marketplace. For help with this, please see the Microsoft web site.

Greater London street map

This application is available to purchase from the Windows Phone Marketplace. For help with this, please see the Microsoft web site.

Download for Windows Phone

Price: Free

Download for Windows Phone

Price: £4.59