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London Street Atlas - Historical cover image London Street Atlas - Historical Edition

Geographers' Map Company was founded in 1936 by Phyllis Pearsall MBE (1906-1996) who, encouraged by her father Alexander Gross, took on the ambitious task of publishing up-to-date street mapping of London.

Mrs. Pearsall had the street map originals hand drawn on tracing paper using pen and ink whilst she compiled much of the information necessary to update the maps. This huge task involved her visiting the thirty one Borough Surveyors' departments concerned to obtain as much of their co-operation as possible. She also trudged the streets of London from dawn to dusk hand plotting the alignments of new streets and compiling ancillary information including house numbers along principal thoroughfares. Not least amongst her many tasks was that of the laborious job of card indexing the street names alphabetically in preparation for typesetting and this inspired the origin of the A to Z logo.

This online map of central London is made up from extracts of this mapping which Mrs. Pearsall published and can also be found in the Historical Edition of the A to Z London Street Atlas which can be purchased through this web site. This mapping, which includes bus, trolleybus and tram routes, shows the streets of London as they were just before the Second World War.

Cassini Historical Maps - London 5-map Box Set

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The Cassini Historical Maps Box Set contains 5 maps which span 150 years of London’s rich history from 1805 to 1946.They reveal how the capital engulfed surrounding villages to become, for much of this period, the largest city in the world.

Each 1:50,000 map explores a crucial period in London’s recent history: the late Georgian (1805-22), the late Victorian railway era (1897-8), the dawn of the motoring age (1919-20) and the period of reconstruction following the Second World War (1945-6). Cartographical and historical notes provide background information. A more in-depth view of late-Victorian central

London is provided by the Street Map.

Cassini historical Maps - Area covered Each of the four 1:50,000 maps covers an identical area (see blue box, right). The Street Map covers the area shown by the green box and extends from Hyde Park to the Isle of Dogs and from Highbury Fields to Brixton.

  • London Old Series - Created from four Ordnance Survey Old Series maps first published between 1805 and 1822
  • London Revised New Series (Coloured Edition) - Created from eight Ordnance Survey Revised New (Coloured) maps first published between 1897 and 1898
  • London Popular Edition - Created from four Ordnance Survey Popular Edition maps first published in 1920
  • London New Popular Edition - Created from four Ordnance Survey New Popular Edition maps first published between 1945 and 1946
  • London Street Map - Created from original Stanford’s Library Atlas sheets showing Central London in 1891 at street-level.

Key features include:
  • Four maps created from original Ordnance Survey sheets showing Central London and outer suburbs from four periods.
  • One map created from original Stanford’s Library Atlas sheets showing Central London in 1891 at street-level.
  • National Grid on 1:50,000 maps for ease of reference.
  • Contemporary illustrations
  • Historical notes.
  • Robust binding and box construction.

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