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iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

A-Z Street Atlases are now available on the iPhone and iPad

Add any of these digital editions of our famous A-Z street atlases to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and you will have instant access to the same area covered by the printed map.

London maps on iPhone/iPod Touch

With the maps installed on your device there is never any need for an Internet connection enabling you to access this superb map anywhere and at anytime. This application starts up in less than 5 seconds and can find any location on the map in under 2 seconds. You can also use your inbuilt location services (GPS, Wifi, etc) to locate your position on the map.

These are the maps that professionals carry with them everywhere and use everyday and are available now from the iTunes application store.

What our users think

London Visitors map on iPad

"What a great app. We bought this A to Z thinking that it was going to be like the book but it is even better. You can zoom in to all streets and navigate anywhere in Greater London. All postcodes, hospitals and train stations are all included and much more. Would definitely recommend this excellent app to anyone!"

"I never go to London without my trusty A-Z but I can now leave that behind. It's great to have the real A-Z on my mobile and to have all the mod cons like being able to draw my own routes and track myself. Recommended."

"This is how maps should be drawn."

"A great map, a little bit more memory taken then the average app, but it gives me a most intuitive look at what makes up GReater London then other maps can provide."

"Clear A-Z maps, offline so no roaming data charges, very useful."

"Great app really pleased with the amount you get for your money!."

Reviews taken from iTunes - Greater London A-Z - July 2013

Universal iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch maps from Visual IT

Greater London Map.
App updated 14th May 2016

London Visitors' Map.
App updated 5th March 2013

London Mini Street Atlas.
App updated 31st December 2012

Cabbies Mate

This universal app works on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. Knowledge Master have included four levels of A-Z mapping and an enhanced POI database. All maps are downloaded to your device so you don't need to rely on an Internet connection to use the maps. Searching the index is extremely fast thanks to the customised predictive keyboard.

Cabbie's Mate A-Z Greater London Map
Free app, annual subscription required for maps and POI updates.

A-Z London Tourist Map

Covering the central part of London with A-Z's Superscale mapping, this map is perfect for most places of interest. Hotels, tourist attractions, theatres, museums, important buildings, train stations, underground stations, embassies, consulates and police stations are all marked and named on this map. Downloading takes 1-5 minutes depending on your Wi-Fi connection speed. This universal app will work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

A-Z London Tourist Map 2015/16
Updated 11th August 2015
Edition 3

Also available

You can also use A-Z maps on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch within the Memory-Map app. This application offer a larger range of features such as track logging, route planning, adding waypoints and can also load other maps such as Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 or 1:50,000.

Memory-Map on iPhone