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The Knowledge

Black Cab Rank'The Knowledge' is the in-depth study of street routes and places of interest that taxicab-drivers in London must complete to obtain a licence to operate a black cab. It was initiated in 1865, and has changed very little ever since. It is the world's most demanding training course for taxicab-drivers; and applicants will usually need at least 12 'Appearances' (attempts at the final test), after preparation averaging 34 months, to pass the examination.

Whilst learning 'The Knowledge', would-be taxicab-drivers use the famous A-Z street maps to help them master the labyrinth of over 26,000 streets within a six mile radius of Charing Cross.

Today A-Z supplies maps to Knowledge Schools across London as folded paper, flat sheet and laminated maps so that the black cab drivers of the future can reach the high standard Londoners and visitors alike have come to expect from them.

If you want to become a taxi driver, you will need one of two types of taxi driver's licence - All London (Green Badge) or Suburban (Yellow Badge).

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London Knowledge Atlas

London Knowledge AtlasThis new atlas of London is designed for use by London Black Cab drivers. There are two scales of street mapping featured in this atlas:

  • Central London is covered with Super Scale Mapping at 9 inches to 1 mile
  • A-Z standard street mapping, at a helpfully large scale of 4.5 inches to 1 mile
Postcode districts, one-way streets and safety camera locations with their maximum speed limit are featured on both scales of street mapping. Also included is a section of main route mapping, at a scale of 1 inch to 1 mile, which is ideal for planning through routes and covers the whole of Greater London and beyond.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available.

London Knowledge Box

London Knowledge Box

Perfect for getting out in all weathers, the A-Z London Knowledge Box was designed for use by would-be taxicab drivers learning ' The Knowledge', the in-depth study of street routes and places of interest that must be completed to obtain a licence to operate a black cab in London.

With the same layout as the A-Z London Knowledge Atlas, each double-sided map page is individually laminated and incorporates a 15mm margin punched for ring binder use, if required. Lightweight and waterproof, with the option of taking only the sheets you need for the days runs, they are ideal for clipping to a board; the smooth laminated surface allowing for the use of write-on write-off pens for marking runs etc.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available.

London Knowledge Atlas

After the Knowledge

Once qualified, Black Cab drivers still need to keep up to date on new developments in and around the City of London. This is a daunting task, so several GPS enabled digital systems which use the latest A-Z mapping can assist the taxi drivers in their daily routine.

Each digital map continually pinpoints your location in the centre of the screen scrolling the map as you move. With comprehensive index data, it is simple to look up a street, postcode or place of interest and see its location on screen.

Cabbies Mate App

This app has been released on both iOS and Android. Knowledge Master have included four levels of A-Z mapping and an enhanced POI database. All maps are downloaded to your device so you don't need to rely on an Internet connection to use the maps. Searching the index is extremely fast thanks to the customised predictive keyboard.

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