Glasgow, Edinburgh & Central Scotland A-Z Road Map

Glasgow, Edinburgh & Central Scotland A-Z Road MapPreview full map

Glasgow, Edinburgh & Central Scotland A-Z Road Map

Edition 11 2012
3.2 miles to 1 inch (2km to 1cm)
Rational Scale:
158 x 240 mm (6.2 x 9.4 inches)
Size Unfolded:
1145 x 890 mm (45.1 x 35 inches)

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This A-Z map of Glasgow, Edinburgh & Central Scotland is a full colour, single-sided, foldout road map featuring continuous mapping south of Glencoe and Montrose, to the east of the Isle of Bute and Taynuilt (although extending to Oban) and to the north of Ayr and Hawick.

Published at a clear 3 miles to 1 inch, the following features are shown on the road mapping:

Motorways open with full junction detail, motorways under construction and proposed, service areas, primary routes and destinations, A & B roads, selected minor roads, gradients 1:5 and steeper, tolls, mileages, national and county boundaries, spot heights and hill shading.
Selected safety camera locations with their maximum speed limits.
Selected fuel stations.
National Park boundaries.
Selected places of interest, tourist information centres and golf courses.

The index section includes a list of cities, towns, villages, hamlets and locations and is featured along the western and southern edges of the map.