Temple of Mithras (remains)

The remains of a small Roman Temple dedicated to the God Mithras. Unearthed and moved to its present site in 1954, this stone outline takes the form of apse, nave and side aisles. The Roman finds unearthed during the excavation are now in care of the Museum of London, sculptures found included Mithras himself, also heads of the Roman god Minerva and Serapis, the Egyptian god of the Underworld. The mixing of gods from different religions was normal in Roman worship.

Mithraism was a secret religion open only to men, exposing ideals of honesty, purity and courage it appealed to Roman soldiers, officials and merchant and was widely adopted in the Roman empire from its origins in Persia.

Opening Hours:
An open site

Address: Queen Victoria Street, EC4

Website: Temple of Mithras

Nearby Stations: Bank Station, Cannon Street Station

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