Pewterers Hall

The Pewterers’ Company is an ancient City Guild or Livery Company, its first charter was granted by King Edward IV in 1473 though the Company’s records go back to 1451. Its charter was unusual in that it awarded trade rights throughout the kingdom, unlike the powers granted to the majority of other companies whose jurisdiction was limited to the City of London.

Though by the late 18th century the number of those in the Company who actually followed the trade was small, the functions of the Company have remained to the support of the pewter trade in this country, the management of its charities, and maintaining a corporate social life.

The first hall destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666 was located on Lime Street, its replacement was demolished in 1932. The foundation stone for the present hall in Oat Lane was laid in 1960 and the building was opened the following year, its Court Room incorporates the oak panelling and chandeliers from the Hall in Lime Street.

Telephone: 020 7397 8190

Address: Oat Lane, EC2

Website: Pewterers Hall

Nearby Stations: St Paul's Station, Moorgate Station

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