Old New Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard - a name, so long associated with the police, is thought to derive from a former palace on N.E. side of Whitehall used by Scottish Kings when in London. Demolished following the union of the Crowns by the accession of James I., (James VI of Scotland) the site later became offices including in the 19th century, the Metropolitan Police HQ.

A new purpose-built block was completed in 1891, constructed with granite excavated by Dartmoor convicts, in the Scottish baronial style, to designs by Norman Shaw overlooking the then new Victoria Embankment. 'New Scotland Yard' became world famous through countless detective stories, particularly Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Sherlock Holmes'. In 1967, however, Police H.Q. moved from there to a new tower block in Victoria Street.

See Also: New Scotland Yard, Sherlock Holmes Museum

Address: Victoria Embankment, SW1

Nearby Stations: Westminster Station

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