National Gallery

National Gallery
National Gallery
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The Gallery was opened in 1824 with the Angerstein Collection of 38 pictures, it has developed into one of the most important picture galleries in the world, containing a collection representative of every European school of painting and works by nearly all the Great Masters. In addition special exhibitions of great interest are mounted throughout the year.

To experience some of man's finest artistic achievements is but a step from the fountains of Trafalgar Square, having first rubbed out the street grime, your eyes are free to feast on such works as; Leonardo 'Virgin of the Rocks', the 'Wilton Diptych'; Ucello 'Rout of San Romano'; Piero della Francesca 'Baptism of Christ'; Michelangelo 'The Entombment', Titan 'Bacchus and Ariadne'; Bellini 'The Doge'; self-portraits of Rembrandt; Rubens 'Rape of the Sabines'; Van Dyck 'Charles I'; Canaletto 'Grand Canal'; Van Eyck 'Arnolfini Marriage', Vermeer 'Lady at the Virginals'; Valazquez 'Rokeby Venus'; Turner 'Fighting Temeraire'; Constable 'Salisbury Cathedral'; Van Gogh 'Sunflowers'; Degas 'La Toilette', Monet 'Water-lilies'.

The gallery moved here in 1838, into buildings designed by William Wilkins, its impressive portico incorporates columns from Prince Regents Carlton House, demolished 1824. The Sainsbury Wing opened 1991, houses the Early Renaissance Collection, special exhibitions gallery, and Artstart - an interactive computer facility for exploring and learning about the collection.

For the National Gallery of English Art -see Tate Britain. For modern and international painting and sculpture -see Tate Modern.

Free, but admission charged for special exhibitions.

See Also: National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Tate Britain, Tate Modern

Opening Hours:
Daily 10am to 6pm, open to 9pm Fridays

Telephone: 020 7747 2885

Address: Trafalgar Square, WC2

Website: National Gallery

Nearby Stations: Covent Garden Station, Charing Cross Station

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