Mercers Hall

The records of the Mercers’ Company date back to 1348 although it wasn't until the early 16th century that Company built the first Mercers’ Hall, uniquely among the livery companies, this included their own chapel. The first hall was destroyed by Great Fire of London in 1666 and the second Hall, opened in 1676, during an air raid in the Second World War.

‘Mercery’, was a term for the trade of exporting of woollen materials, and the importing of luxury fabrics such as silk, linen and cloth of gold, in medieval times the Mercers Company was at the centre of the commercial life of the City and the development of overseas trade. While the Company no longer has any trade to control, it administers a large programme of charitable work, grant making, providing housing for the elderly and support for education.

The Company's activities include the ownership and management of a large portfolio of investments, mainly properties in the City and West End of London with surpluses contributing to the Company's charitable grant making.

Telephone: 020 7726 4991

Address: Ironmonger Lane, EC2

Website: Mercers Hall

Nearby Stations: Bank Station, Cannon Street Station

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