Queen's Chapel of the Savoy

The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy belongs to Her Majesty The Queen in her right as Duke of Lancaster. It is a 'free' chapel not falling within any bishop's jurisdiction, but remaining firmly within the Church of England; it is also the chapel of the Royal Victorian Order, an order of chivalry in the personal gift of the monarch.

The present Chapel was erected as part of a hospital founded under the will of Henry Vll. It stands on land given to Peter of Savoy by Henry III in 1246. On Peter's death, the Savoy was given to Edmund, 1st Earl of Lancaster. John of Gaunt built a magnificent palace here which was destroyed during the Peasants' Revolt of 1381.

Chaucer, it is believed, was married here during John of Gaunt's ownership, and during the Victorian period it was also a fashionable for weddings.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 11.30am to 3.30pm
Sunday service 11am
Closed August and September

Telephone: 020 7379 8088

Address: Savoy Hill, WC2R 0DA

Website: Queen's Chapel of the Savoy

Nearby Stations: Covent Garden Station, Charing Cross Station, Temple Station

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