New - download A-Z maps to Windows Phone
Windows Phone maps
New - download A-Z maps to Windows Phone
Download A-Z maps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
iPhone/iPad Maps
Download A-Z maps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Mobile Phone

This download-only series of maps are high quality, detailed and cover the same area as the paper editions. Simply purchase online and download instantly.

No mobile network time required

These maps are completely ‘self-contained’. They don’t require a mobile network connection as the entire map is downloaded from our web site using a desktop PC and then installed to the phones memory card.

Fast Navigation

Sophisticated compression technology ensures minimum space requirements balanced with fast scrolling around the map.

Simply use the navigation button on your phone to move the map.

High Quality maps

map image Detailed colour maps taken from the original paper version are displayed full screen on your phone.

Enabled by OS

Find places

find places Fully searchable index to map features such as: Streets, Stations, Hospitals, Places of Interest, Postcodes, Towns and Airports (not all maps have all indexes, check individual titles before purchasing).

GPS (S60 3rd Edition phones ONLY)

road atlas GPS image

Use your phones built-in GPS receiver or connect to a Bluetooth™ GPS to show your current location on the map. Then keep track of where you are as you move while the map scrolls across the screen keeping your position in the centre at all times. If a searched location is also displayed then a line will be drawn on the map between it and your current location indicating the direction of travel required as the crow flies. Press the 9 key to simply swap between these two locations.


overview image

Use the 1 and 3 keys to zoom in and out. Some maps have additional map levels at different scales allowing you to move between them easily and quickly. All maps have an overview which will show your selected location.

Compatible Smartphones

Maps are currently available for S60 3rd Edition Symbian Smartphones. Please see system requirements for each map for compatibility.

See examples of S60 devices

Please try the free demonstration version to check for compatibility with your own device before purchasing. Symbian and all Symbian-based marks and logos are trade marks of Symbian Limited. This product is software only. Mobile phone or Bluetooth™ GPS are not included.